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Central Florida, USA
Munchkin Cats

Munchkin Cats

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From the beginning, before they were Munchkins they were called Babylegs by the founder, Sandra Hochendel.  I have all ther cat registrations and the true story of how the breed began, in her own words.

REGISTRATION -The numbers and what they mean

How to read a registration or litter certificate.  How to know if your "Munchkin" is a traditional Munchkin or a hybrid.


Munchkins do not breed true, there will never be a homozygous Munchkin.  Facts about breedings standzard x standard (short) or breeding standard X non-standard.  Infomation asbout advancing numbers for showing.  Discussion about using other breeds as out crosses. 


Most terms are the same in all asssociaitons.  Discussion over proper terms vs commonly used terms 

TICA charts and forms

Links on registering and forms you might need


Information on whether your cat is showable and how shows work.