There is no such thing as a Munchkin fill-in-the-blank breed

Munchkins can only be registered as Munchkins if their pedigree includes Munchkins and domestic cats, no purebreds are allowed.  The registration number must have "0" in the middle or SBT/SBV to be "pure" Munchkins.  The "N" indicates an unacceptable outcross. These cats can not be shown.  

You can not breed a Munchkin to a pedigreed cat and call it a Munchkin. No such thing, for example, as a  Ragdoll Munchkin.  If you breed a Munchkin to a Manx, it is not a Manx Munchkin or Manxskin, it is a illegal hybrid.  You may see registration papers but note they will say on them  "Not Eligible for Championship Competition

Read the Munchkin Breed TICA standard here.  

List of recognized Championship Breeds here, 


The Genetta is a Bengal X Munchkin hybrid.  Not accepted for Championship competition. 

There are a few hybrids listed as experimental in TICA.

This does not mean they are accepted breeds.  It only means TICA has issued paperwork to track the cats.